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Everyone has a story to tell, this is ours.


At 2th Dentistry, we believe in second chances. Here’s our story of how we got our second chance leading to 2th Dentistry being born and a dream coming true!


2th Dentistry was formed by Dr. Donya Mahdavi out of a dream, a passion and second chance at life. In 2018, as Dr. Donya Mahdavi was preparing to walk across the stage and graduate from NYU Dentistry she noticed a lump that was slowly forming and grew very concerned about her health. 


After ample specialist appointments, Dr. Donya Mahdavi was diagnosed with and given the devastating news that she had cancer. 


At what was supposed to be the most exciting and fulfilling time of her life, graduating university and starting a new career, Dr. Donya Mahdavi’s world came to a halt. However, she stayed strong and used it as motivation to persevere. 


Over the next 2 years, Dr. Donya Mahdavi fought and beat cancer. Not only that, she used her down time while in recovery to channel all her energy into the devotion and dedication of her work, going back to school to receive advanced training in digital smile and cosmetic procedures. 


After 2 long years of fighting,  Dr. Donya Mahdavi was told she has successfully beaten cancer - the best news one could get! This left her feeling stronger and more motivated than ever to bring Vancouver a dental practice that did things a little differently than most. 


2th Dentistry’s goal became to provide premium, high-quality dental care that goes beyond the tooth and gums. Dr. Donya Mahdavi made it a mission to not only provide the best in oral care, but to  focus on a practice where each patient is in the utmost comfort using targeted dental phobia training on individuals who need it and to perform extra screening to diagnose other potential diseases. 


Seeing the need to have these elements in one practice, Dr. Donya Mahdavi is proud to have opened a practice that provides:

  • Premium, high-quality oral health 

  • Specialty support and care to individuals who have fear anxieties around dental visits 

  • A comfortable, safe and friendly environment where you are part of a family

  • Care beyond the tooth and gums offering cancer scans of the upper neck and head to diagnose and catch early other potential diseases 


We want nothing more than for you to feel comfortable and confident in us, your oral care experts, while we create you a healthy, confident smile.

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